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Multiplicative effects
of the project EuRICAA

  • GDP growth

    Additional sources of budget replenishment

  • Ecology

    Reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere

  • Policy

    Interregional integration

  • Construction

    Application of new technologies in construction

  • Energy

    NPP construction

  • Logistics

    Development of cargo delivery

  • Science

    New technologies, materials, equipment

  • Transport

    Production of cars on alternative energy sources

  • Engineering

    Production of heavy machinery

  • Population employment

    Creation of new jobs

  • Demography

    Housing construction in hard-to-reach places

  • Subsoil use

    Development of new geo-resources of the subsoil, the development of geotechnologies

  • Metallurgy

    Increase in production and development of new types of alloy

  • Health

    Improving the safety of life

  • Shopping

    Roadside shops network

  • Cafes, hotels

    Catering, hotel complexes

  • Ecology

    The reduction of emissions of harmful substances

  • Service

    Gas stations, service stations

  • Care

    Nuclear power plant for heating the route

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