Our freedom is being restricted again!

09 Oct 2019, 17:13
Our freedom is being restricted again!

Dear European friends,

Shocking information. Facebook has unpleasantly surprised and insulted us all once again:

Now posting and promoting socially important, political and government information requires not only payment, but must be accompanied by documents confirming citizenship, residency and banking information for each country individually. That is, Germans cannot post their information in Italy, Italians in Austria, Austrians in Spain, Spaniards in Sweden, or Russians in France without going through the authentication procedure.

When he created Facebook, Zuckerberg pledged to unite all the people of the world, but now he is dividing them according to country, and maybe his next step will be to divide them according to religious belief, and then according to gender.

This innovation on Facebook is placing a taboo on free communication, although the constitution of every country guarantees the right to free communication all over the planet.

We are calling on all those concerned about Facebook’s tyranny to create their own social media EUROBOOK.

I suggest that all those interested join forces to develop and finance this ambitious project. Let’s leave Zuckerberg to his own devices on the American market.

We are also willing to become co-investors.

Write to us at: info@euricaa.com Alexander Potemkin


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