EuRICAA - The first global infrastructural project

17 Sept 2019, 00:00

The global EuRICAA project was set in motion in 1992, when its author, D. Sc. (Econ.) Alexander Potemkin, presented the initiative at the ERAA-92 forum held in Hamburg with the support of well-known political and social figures. This idea, which was revolutionary at the time, aroused immense interest in the German press. One of the most prestigious publications, Die Welt, informed its readers about the first segment of EuRICAA at that time—the ERAA mega infrahighway (in an article entitled “Jahrhundert-Project oder Hirngespinst?” Die Welt, Nr. 48, Mittwoch 26 Februar 1992). And German Vice Chancellor Hans-Dietrich Genscher appraised the EuRICAA concept as “an opportunity to develop a civilizational community through progress and unification” and a new prospect for humanity of the 21st century.

Since then scientists, politicians, philosophers, sociologists and environmentalists have been analyzing and discussing the project, as well as making amendments and addenda to it, keeping in mind technological development, the changes in the social and political sphere and the rapid rise in environmental threats. In 2018-2019, the project has been elaborated in two volumes of a scientific treatise entitled EuRICAA, each of which draws attention to the specific problems.

Both volumes of the project will be published in the major languages of the world – English, German, Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, and others. It is being brought to the attention of all the world leaders (German Chancellor Angela Merkel is aware of it and has given her response; official letters have also been received from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and Foreign Minister of the Republic of Korea).

The first part of the project, EuRICAA – A Model of the World’s Future, warrants the need to prepare society for major changes in order to prevent an environmental disaster by joining forces to develop a Green economy while building a single global mega infrahighway using state-of-the-art environmental innovations. The EuRICAA single intercontinental transportation artery will be a future civilizational axis that is unified, socially oriented, environmental friendly, and ensures transparency and accessible resources, opportunities and Green technologies for all the world’s countries regardless of their geographical location and economic prosperity.

The second volume of the project entitled EuRICAA – A Worldview Environmental Revolution concentrates on a detailed analysis of the global environmental crisis and reveals an essentially new approach to resolving the ongoing environmental problems that are multiplying with each passing year.

Many national governments have been actively discussing topics that address the secure future of our planet for more than forty years now, which is demonstrated by the annual budget increase on environmental spending. However, the attempts to change and reform the worldview of the planet’s population, as well as advance the idea of anti-consumerism, aimed at overcoming society’s main problem—information overload and resource consumption—have failed. People today are primarily motivated by their desire for personal material and financial gain, as well as striving for a prominent position in “the surreal world of signs” that are supposed to bring social prestige and happiness, rather than endeavoring to ensure environmental security for a harmonious present and future.

The EuRICCA project provides the opportunity for each person to assess the current state of human society, as well as the effect created by its habitual daily impact on the environment, and feel the need to play their individual part in resolving the global crisis.

Coordinating the new civilizational standards and building the global EuRICAA mega infrahighway around the world will pose a tremendous task at the international level, but the implementation of these standards will be of immense benefit for the overarching goal of protecting the Earth and preserving humanity’s future.

The EuRICCA initiative calls for establishing international clubs of intellectuals to draw public attention to the need for a revolutionary cutback in the factors causing the environmental crisis in the shortest possible time. A start has been made by The Shenthai-Ecoglobal Company (Germany), which is looking for intellectuals and people interested in carrying out a mass awareness campaign and finding solutions to the environmental problems. Activity is being coordinated by branch leaders in Germany, Lithuania, Russia and Spain.

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