A single Intercontinental transport artery, the axis of future civilization

17 Sept 2019, 00:00

Alexander Potemkin Project Author, Doctor of Economics

This is not the first time that the author of this project, Alexander Potemkin, Doctor of Economics, has attempted to draw the attention of the heads of progressive states to significant global projects and bring them to successful fruition. He has developed innovative metrological standards for the global nano industry and has created and is managing an international platform for discussing the danger of the uncontrolled development of artificial intelligence. He is also the author of intellectual books on the destiny and state of society.

EuRICAA: part 1 - First global infrastructure project
EuRICAA: part 1 - First global infrastructure project

Author: Alexander Potemkin

Assistants: Mila Rothschild, Olga Karoza

Pages: 134

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