The world needs your voice!

08 Feb 2020, 18:00
The world needs your voice!

Dear friends, fellow countrymen, and Europeans,

As you know, a difficult epidemiological situation has developed in China, whereby the country is launching all the resources it can to fight the coronavirus. My coworkers in Wuhan, where I do business, have been telling me some interesting things (we communicate on WeChat through Messenger). Prior to this epidemic, actors and singers were the most popular people in China, but now this popularity has shifted to scientists and environmentalists. Everyone understands that these are the people on whom the lives of Chinese citizens and the fate of the Chinese state as a whole depend. Scientists and environmentalists are the ones who can help the country deal with this dangerous illness and the socioeconomic consequences of the spread of the coronavirus.

I am convinced that Europeans should follow China’s example: singers, actors, showmen and models do not deserve the attention and excitement the unsophisticated public lavishes on them every day and every hour from the TV screens and in advertizing clips.

Scientists, environmentalists and academics are the people worthy of the most genuine respect and love. They are the ones with the most important role to play in the development of our society and in its deliverance from emergencies.

I recommend that each of us, the members of parliament of European countries, and municipal deputies ask the Chinese government to support the initiative to prohibit the consumption of exotic live birds, fish, insects and animals—bats, snakes, monkeys, rats, donkeys, hedgehogs, badgers, peacocks, snails, bamboo rats, flies, cockroaches, scorpions and other representatives of fauna. Not only is this inhumane and unethical, but it also poses a great threat to the population of the entire planet. Experience has shown that in such cases, the virus is transmitted from animal to human, causing outbreaks of dangerous epidemics that claim the lives of people around the world.

Dear friends, join the planetary environmental Hamburg Club and take active part in its initiatives!

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The government of the Chinese People’s Republic awards Alexander Potemkin an ancient tea tree for his contribution to the development of the tea industry. This event is particularly significant in light of the tree’s age—it is more than a thousand years old. According to time-honoured Chinese traditions, such a gift symbolizes deep trust and confidence in long-term business relations.

Name of gift: the Cang thousand-year-old ancient tea tree

Length of ownership: 10 years

Recipient (organization): the Potemkin holding group

Presenter (organization): the People’s Government

Inscriptions on the stone: to the left – friendship between China and Europe, to the right – ancient tea tree, the date, 20 August 2018, is also given to one side.

Potemkin Alexander

Cofounder of the planetary environmental Hamburg Club, Hamburg

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    It was C hineese lab gave bat flu humans not the market it's more serious Than we told

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